# Introduction

Android is an open source operating system that supports multiple mobile devices and is led by Google and Open Handset Alliance leadership and development. Most of the world's equipment manufacturers are currently producing electronic products such as smartphones and tablets with Android operating systems.

These device manufacturers will conduct secondary development on the basis of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), providing customized systems to enhance product competitiveness and attract consumers. For example, Samsung TouchWiz, Huawei Emotion UI, Xiaomi MIUI, OPPO Color OS, Hammer Smartisan OS and so on.

# ROM Introduction

MoKee ROM is based on Android Open Source Project (AOSP). All customizations follow the Material Design language by Google, which is maintained with the native Android interface. Consistently, this customization method reduces the difficulty of version upgrades for slower equipment that is not actively updated. MoKee ROM follows Google to bring the latest Android system to users early.

The lack of localization features has made many users who love native Android discouraged. MoKee ROM has excellent localization features that have been favored by a large number of users, allowing native Android has been getting better since then!

Compared to equipment manufacturers' bloated custom systems, MoKee ROM is simple and pure, with outstanding performance, making it easier for you to use your device.

# Development Team

Led by the Magic Open Source Project Team, its main members including @马丁龙猪, @Ryuinferno, @XiNGRZ, @dianlujitao, @xiaobai not write shell, @乖奕虎,@璃璃 For the shallow dream and other well-known developers. In addition, many developers from all over the world are submitting contributions to us via Gerrit and GitHub.

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