Introducing Project Athena (v1.1.1)

What is Project Athena? Project Athena is MoKee OpenSource’s unique take on improving the usability and artificial intelligence of our ROM through voice recognition technology, providing a touchless experience while controlling your device. Although the voice recognition technology has already been around for quite some time, however it is still not well integrated in Android […]

MK44.4 HISTORY Version Release

The development of MK44.4 has basically ended, therefore we will be begin the compilation of the HISTORY version. What is HISTORY you might ask? HISTORY is something like a final RELEASE of a specific Android version. It is released when MoKee OpenSource is updated to a newer Android version. Currently, the server will keep the […]

Lollipop Nightly Builds Soon!

Finally after all the hard work, MKL (MoKee Lollipop) is finally ready with some basic functions and OTA incremental updates. We are finalising our code and setting up the build servers. The first batch of devices that will be receiving the nightly builds are as below: amami bacon castor castor_windy deb edison falcon find5 find7 […]