Unofficial Device Support

When to apply for unofficial device support:

  1. You are unable to submit your device tree due to certain reasons.
  2. You would like to add device specific special features which are unavailable in the official builds
  3. Supporting the said device requires modifications to the main framework which will affect other devices.

What can unofficial device support offer:

  1. Allow users to download and install full and incremental builds directly from MoKee Center.
  2. Self-defined changelog (view from MoKee Center).
  3. Listed on MoKee OpenSource’s download page (e.g.

For quality assurance, we will need to manually verify each application. We will contact you if you pass verification.

Instructions for Unofficial Device Support
Unofficial Device Support Application

54 thoughts on “Unofficial Device Support

  1. Hi , guys i like your rom very much, but there is one thing….I cant instal gapps on this rome useing your links through my recovery , and i cant change my recovery …so can you create rom package with gapps included .I have xiaomi redmi1s , please help me , and if it is not hard write me on my google page

  2. Hi , you are great Developers I’m fan of your roms.but i changed my device to “Lenovo K3 Note”.but there is no custom rom and i want to use my device with mokee custom rom i love mokee roms.So Plz , a humble request to all Developers plz make a custom mokee rom for Device: “Lenovo K3 Note”Model “k50a40” Indian.Thanx hope you will not ignore my request..

  3. Hello all, I ask to receive the official status for Lenovo Vibe P1a42. The device is equipped with a Snapdragon 615 processor. 2 GB RAM + 32 GB Internal. A person is already available to create daily assemblies. Please grant us an official status. <3

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