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MoKee OpenSource is the biggest non-profit Android Open Source development team in China, with members from all parts of the world. We follow the latest development from Google closely and improve various parts of Android according to the users’ habits.
Being a non-profit organisation, we utilise our spare time and own funds to keep this passion alive. Therefore, the costs for the forum and servers are solely beared by us.
In order to provide a good user experience, we only included a few preinstalls in the ROM. Along with the advertisements in the forum; we hardly get enough to pay for the bandwidth.
The point is, those are our only source of income, however many developers choose to exclude them when releasing unofficial builds. Unlike CyanogenMod, we did not accept monetary help at the early stages, as in China, most people do not understand the meaning of “making a donation”. They would think of it as buying a service, which is conflicting with our objectives.
Anyways, we still made it until today, and even started to provide third party developers a chance to utilise our OTA system. All of these are the fruit of our hard work and passion.
We are proud of the happy users, and we are also proud of the support given to MoKee OpenSource. Most importantly, we are proud of the improvements we have achieved all these while, and the advancements never stop.
The OTA system allows third party developers to maintain their unofficial builds and provide their users with the same OTA update experience like official builds. For example:
1. Download & flash full ROM packages (unofficial builds) through MoKee Centre
2. Download & flash OTA packages (unofficial builds) through MoKee Centre
3. Listing in MoKee’s download page:
To ensure a good user experience, we will have to assess the developers first. Once the application is approved, then the developers may start using our services. Therefore, developers must abide our agreement in order to get approval.

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  1. resolution on moto g is defined by android system as 720×1216, causing the gps programs sygic and iGo resolution problems that crashes the programs…

  2. Can you please add swip2wake and doubletap2wake for the LG Optimus G E975, since you have swip2wake and doubletap2wake for the nexus 4 (mako), it is basically the same hardware.

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