MK60.1 RELEASE Version Entering Test Run

Greetings to all MoKee OpenSource users!

Good news! The long awaited RELEASE version for MK60.1 supported devices is on its way! We are currently finalising our preparations.

What preparations you might ask?
Well since this is will be the first RELEASE version for MK60.1, we will have a test run. During this period, although complied zip files will be named as “RELEASE”, however it is not exactly a “RELEASE” version, more like a “RELEASE candidate” or “pre-RELEASE”.

The test run will be using settings and parameters meant for RELEASE, but due to the vast nature of each device, we expect quite a number of compilation errors. Once the test run is completed, we will attempt to fix these errors.

After fixing the errors, we will then decide again if the code base is ready for a weekly RELEASE.
You are welcomed to try out these “pre-RELEASE” version, however bug reports regarding this version will not be accepted. So please be patient while we sort things out, thank you.

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