Introducing Project Athena (v1.1.1)

What is Project Athena?
Project Athena is MoKee OpenSource’s unique take on improving the usability and artificial intelligence of our ROM through voice recognition technology, providing a touchless experience while controlling your device. Although the voice recognition technology has already been around for quite some time, however it is still not well integrated in Android ROMs. We have seen a lot of applications with voice recognition functionality, but the outstanding ones are Google Now Launcher and Moto Voice, both with the ability to wake the device by “talking” to it. Therefore, we decided to model our project according to these 2 successful examples. The project will be consisting of 2 parts, the first which is the framework (fully open sourced), and the second which is a proprietary application (MoKee Assist or a.k.a. Voice Assist).

And now, it is time for us to reveal what we have came up with so far! MoKee OpenSource will be bringing this for all our supported devices with Android 5.0. Currently a few system level commands are already supported, and with time, more improvements will be rolling out!

Things to Take Note:

  1. Since system-level framework modifications are required, the application can only be used in MoKee OpenSource’s ROMs. The application will not work on other ROMs.
  2. The application is supported on ROMs built after 11/2/2015 (regardless of UNOFFICIAL, EXPERIMENTAL or NIGHTLY etc).
  3. The application currently supports Chinese and English commands. To use Chinese, your locale must be in Simplified/Traditional Chinese as well; all other languages will have to use English.
  4. We are using a third party service for the voice recognition, therefore we have to make it proprietary to avoid misuse and breach of contract.
  5. Although the application is closed sourced, however developers are welcomed to expand on the open sourced framework.
  6. We will be releasing updates from time to time, with more functionality and commands supported.
  7. The current version has to depend on internet connection to work, offline recognition requires a very high fee, so unfortunately we as a non-profit organization cannot afford it.
  8. Based on user feedback, we might launch a “pro” version of the application which supports offline recognition (the income from the purchases will be used to fund the offline recognition fee).
  9. The current version is released for open beta which will expire on 1/3/2015 00:00, the application cannot be used after that, but we will release another update after that.
  10. Please list the application in the whitelist of your task manager if you are using one.
  11. Your device will not enter deep sleep if the application’s service is running in the background (that is what makes “wake-on-voice over” possible). To stop it, manually close it in Settings->Applications.

Currently Supported Commands:

power off | shutdown
lock screen | go to sleep
reboot to bootloader
reboot to recovery
find my phone

To wake up the device:
Hello, MoKee

Confused? Watch the demo below:


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