MK44.4 HISTORY Version Release

The development of MK44.4 has basically ended, therefore we will be begin the compilation of the HISTORY version.

What is HISTORY you might ask?
HISTORY is something like a final RELEASE of a specific Android version. It is released when MoKee OpenSource is updated to a newer Android version. Currently, the server will keep the latest 5 versions of RELEASE zips, therefore the older zips will slowly be cleared when newer zips come in. Since certain users prefer to be in the older version until they feel that the newer version is stable enough, we decided to create a new “HISTORY” tag to serve this purpose.

How to I switch to HISTORY?
As long as you are on any version of MK44.4 (NIGHTLY, RELEASE, UNOFFICIAL, EXPERIMENTAL),  you can flash the HISTORY version with the need to factory reset. The only way to switch to HISTORY is via flashing a full HISTORY ROM package.

Will HISTORY receive any updates?
Unless Android 4.4 has any critical bugs to fix, there will be no further updates. If there are bugs to patch, there will not be any incremental updates for HISTORY, please kindly use the full ROM package.

What? Final version? No support for my device in the new version?????
…People nowadays have no patience and forgot about politeness. The answer is might or might not. Developers in MoKee will never have all of the device, so sometimes when a lot of people request about a device, we will usually adapt the CM device trees (DOES NOT ALWAYS HAPPEN, so stop spamming with device requests, we might get fed up and ignore about it). So if there are no usable device trees at all, then unfortunately there will not be any support for that device.

How to I get the HISTORY version?
Download from here:

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